Hi! I’m ErC, also known as ErCiccione. I’m a self-taught community coordinator, developer and activist living 100% on cryptocurrencies while travelling with my van. In 2017 I found out about Monero and soon after i left my job and started to dedicate my time to the project, to the point of becoming one of the most active contributors of all time. For example, I created the localization workgroup, ideated and founded Haveno, organised meetings, taken care of the getmonero.org website, contributed to all Monero workgroups, coordinated some and much more.

As somebody with a non-technical background, Monero was my door to a world that i’m still exploring. Technology has the game-changing potential of making the world better and while cryptocurrencies are nowadays mostly pump and dump scams without merit, some might soon become the bulding blocks of a different world, not based on economic or human exploitation. For example, for the first time the concept of decentralized governance in large scale is being developed, something that was unthinkable only few years ago.

Decentralized, P2P and federated technologies are starting to get traction. Finally, after thousands of years of vertical structures, communities and people are being empowered instead of banks and central governments and all in a time where the right of privacy is being attacked and defended fiercely.

My goal is to do my part and contribute to this revolution. In these years working on Monero i encountered so many projects and interesting ideas that focusing only on Monero became limiting, that’s why i am expanding my set of projects i would like to contribute to. Online and Offline!

The point of this blog is to collect all my contacts in a single place and share my thoughts.

This page is in progress. I will add more info, contacts and donations page later on

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